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My gift is inspiring people to find and share their light by assisting them to align themselves with the divine universe, rise through guided events, connect and uplift through circle, heal through spiritual journey, raise their little lightworkersset them up for life * while embracing arcane.


My dreams would come true. From as fun as my favourite sports player scoring a particular number of goals in a game. To as scary as being visited by a missing person's spirit the night another is taken by the same hand as she.

I could read a room. I knew when I was safe or in harms way. I would blurt out words from my mouth that did not belong to me. Babies eyes would light up whenever they saw me - they still do!

This was just the beginning.

But I didn't have anyone that could help me with what I was experiencing.

I felt I was so different from everyone else so I pushed it all away.


Eventually I began to cross paths with people who could tell me what I was and what I could do. I began to develop my senses more and found that there was so much more to who I am.

I can read the wind, feel the moon, the pulse of the earth beneath me. I can heal, I'm an intuitive, I am wise, I see things that others do not see.

Then one day, it was just like I woke up - not to a whole new me, but to one that remembered everything I was. I remembered how I was here, I remembered why I was here and I knew that I had to share my light.

Each day I rise, awakened with another gift to share with the world, with the universe and with you.

- with light,

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