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Hello there - so how is your manifesting really working out?


My guess (because you are here) is that it is not really (or at all) working out the way you want it to.


Hello! And welcome gorgeous.

My name is Meg.

I am a spiritual coach, healer and author.


So, you (and let’s be honest - most of the world) have been fed the information that you need to;

  • Change your mindset

  • Clear your lifetime conditioning including your parents beliefs and values along with your cultural and society

  • Remove blockages (mind you - you need to know exactly what these blockages are in the first place, which means you need to do a lot of research and deep diving in order to figure out what they are).

  • Retrain your subconscious

  • Rewire your own belief system

  • Upgrade your energy

  • Take action on your - whatever it is you want to manifest

  • But not too much (you  need to let it go and let the universe do its thing)

  • You need to want them, but not want them too much that you’ll scare them away

  • You need to open up all of your chakras (by the way if you actually did this - you would combust and no longer be here to manifest what it is you desire - this why people can’t open their chakras fully - their higher self is keeping them safe) but you don't hear that from the instructor when you take your yoga class do you?!?!?!

  • That you need to sit tight - because it’s just not the right time for you (sometimes this is true - but not the extent that it gets thrown around

  • You need to be more specific because you are not being specific enough

  • That you are not feeling into it enough

In order to manifest.


And then there are some people who are actually preaching (which I have to say is my all time favorite - that you need to quit because it is never going to work for you!


So - let’s get one thing crystal clear. ( ALL FORMS OF MANIFESTING WORK)


It is your birthright as a human being for you to be fully supported (not partially - fully supported) by the divine universe, as you live your soul's purpose with joy on this planet we call earth.


Don’t quit manifesting

Don't quit on yourself

Because you deserve to be here, in this lifetime, right here right now.

Don't quit because the world needs you to be here, if it didn’t you wouldn;t be.


And here's something else.


The universe is actually here to work for and with you.


The co-creating stuff you have heard getting thrown around - is actually a real thing.

The divine universe totally has your back

It is your biggest ally in the world

It wants you to succeed and here is why ….


Before you were born, your soul had to make some decisions.

It needed to decide on what lessons it was here to learn

How it was going to learn them

What it is here to contribute

And how it is going to contribute them


Then, it entered into an agreement with the divine universe by signing a soul binding contract.


Your soul, along with the divine universe

Selected the specific date, time, location, family and circumstances in which you were born into along with the type of childhood you were going to experience.


It gifted you with angels

Twin flames

Soul mates

Soul families

It provided a roadmap for you in the form of numerology and astrology

And it gave you guides (who are specifically chosen souls that are bound to you in THE most loving way possible, they follow and guide you everywhere throughout your entire life.

Your guides are here to protect you and assist you by providing you with synchronicities so that you can follow the right path.


And when you are not following the right path, they will create (in your best interests) as much havoc and chaos as possible in order to get you back on the right path.


The divine universe governs the earth and works with all kinds of spirits and beings.

There is nothing random about how you, the earth or the universe works. It is an intricate web of complexity and divine detail.


The universe has also gifted each and every human with the ability to be psychic, a channel and a healer and it allows each and every soul entering their human life to bring forth everything that it learned, contributed and experienced in each and every lifetime it has had (either here or on another planet.)


I’ll say that again, because this is exactly where your manifesting is tripping you up.


Each AND every soul entering their human life, brings forth EVERYTHING that it experienced in each and every life it has had.


Now, if you are working on 


Mindset, conditioning, upbringing, known blockages, your subconscious, belief system, energy, action or non action, your, your chakras, timing, specifics, feelings / emotions.


You are only discovering or working on known issues from this lifetime, when you have had unlimited lifetimes before this one, and will continue to have more.


This is why you are seeing perhaps small manifestations, or large ones, but then losing it, or one of your manifestations but not another - or possibly nothing at all. Maybe it took even years to see the result of your first manifestation. Maybe your manifestation arrived too late.


So now you are probably wondering where this leaves you (and most of the people on the planet) and how the hell are you going to fix that !!!


I am here to tell you that you can. The divine universe has your back and so do I.


This is exactly what my soul came here to do.

I have spent my lifetime researching personal, professional and spiritual development.

I was sent here to use my gifts of being able to see what many others do not.

I was sent here to learn, experience and observe all i can about the wonders of the divine universe

The earth


And beyond


I was sent here to bring the divine universe down to earth so that you can find and share your light with the world


I was sent here to seek, find, share and implement how to manifest right.


Manifesting right clears away all the things that your soul agreed to in other life times that is stopping you from manifesting everything that your heart desires in this one and each and every life that you have to come.


Some people have experienced an earlier lifetime as a nun (taking a vow of poverty), some experienced a life or lifetimes of being seen and not heard otherwise they would be punished (this stops them from asking for what they truly want in this lifetime, some people have been cursed resulting in not being able to receive health, wealth or happiness, some people have been in positions of power, where they treated others in unkind or inhumane ways, therefore they are blocking themselves from receiving anything good in this lifetime as their own form of punishment for how they have behaved in a previous life.


The possibilities are endless!


What your soul has gone through is as unique as the people you care for and love.


So, let’s talk about how we can fix this - for good.


How fortunate that you found me!


By holding safe sacred space - I will digitally guide you through a process that will by-pass your ego and subconscious to work directly with your soul.


Together, we will channel in Archangel Michael and the Spirit of compassion, who’s very existences are to assist you in removing karmic imprints from your soul.


This is performed as a closed - eye exercise and requires you to be in a comfortable position, free from any and all distractions. (which is why it is so handy to have this available in digital format - because you can listen to it and perform it at a time that is convenient to you.


Archangel Michael and the Spirit of Compassion - with your souls compliance will remove

  • Negative cords of attachment 

  • Soul contracts

  • Vows

  • Ancestral and family patterns

  • Belief systems

  • Trauma

  • Loop lessons

  • Along with anything and everything that is stopping you from receiving your heart's desires.


The benefit of working directly with your soul, is that you as a human do not need to be consciously aware of what those blockages are (though, some of you may receive information through visions during the process - and others will figure it out soon enough when they are no longer attracting the same loop lessons over and over again).


This is a pain free exercise, though major internal shifts will occur.


When clearings like this happen, some people find that they need to 

Stretch - releasing all that it has been holding on to

That they need to visit the bathroom, releasing toxins,

Some people feel sleepy and others actually fall asleep during or not long afterwards.


Some people cry, releasing so many emotions.

Some people feel like a huge weight has been lifted off their shoulders.

And there are some people who do not feel anything shift within their body at all.


All are perfect, no matter how your mind and body reacts - it is just what is right for you, it doesn't need to be how anyone else's has reacted.


Some people feel like they don’t know what to do (especially in the few days afterwards) because all the karmic imprints that were standing in their way had them believing that their life needed to be a certain way, so they tread lightly, remembering who they are again, and how they want to live their lives.


Everyone experiences the clearing differently because we all came in with our own stuff.


And - that’s it and that’s all.

Once you have performed this clearing or manifesting starts working at light speed and sets in motion all the things that need to happen in order for you to receive.


And just like the physical experience of clearing karmic imprints as I mentioned just before - everyone experiences their manifesting in different ways.


Trust what happens next needs to happen as an immediate manifestation or a series of events that need to occur in order to manifest.


So, now that you know why you have not been able to manifest and what you need to do in order to manifest right, I invite you to participate in these clearings by purchasing manifest right - now.


Manifest right - as i have mentioned is a digital product, so that you can experience your clearing at a time and place that works for you.


It is a 3 step process.


It begins with a welcome video, and then moves into 2 separate clearings, one with Archangel Michael, the other with the Spirit of Compassion. I include a maintenance and protection step - because once you have cleared your karmic imprints, you’ll want to make sure that your bodies energy is protected from here on in, there is a bonus 99 page manifesting journal as well as access to my grounding and smudging mini courses once they are released.


So, for those who are ready to manifest right now - please click on the link below, enter your payment details and let’s get you started right away.


The portal to purchase Manifest right is only open for a short period of time, the link will be taken down in just a few short days and wont be live again for a while - so there is no time like the present (that’s why they call it a present).So click on the link below, enter your payment details and let’s get you started straight away.


For those, who are not ready to purchase yet, whatever your reason may be, I invite you to stay connected and sign up to my weekly emails and or follow my page on instagram.


If you know someone who will benefit from learning about manifest right- please forward it on to them.


Or if this is the end of our time together, it has been an honor and I wish you well on your spiritual journey ahead.


Thank you all for joining me, I am Meg Gill and I am bringing the divine universe down to earth so that you can find and share your light with the world.


Happy manifesting x

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